LPG massage

Anti-cellulite programs /LPG/

Endermologie is a system using mechanical methods to attain the results of the manual massages. It is an effective FDA approved treatment to reduce cellulite.
Endermologie is a medical non-surgical approach proven safe and effective by the clinical studies performed in prestigious universities.

lpg масаж варнаEndermologie equipment was developed in France by Louis Paul Guitay /LPG/, and already has a 20-year history. Although the equipment was initially used for treating burns, it was observed that it produced improvement in the appearance of the cellulite which initiated many studies in this area.
Endermologie as a process is administered using a specific device that excites soft tissue by a system of mechanical rollers. These rollers create a regulated vacuum that lifts and pulls the skins like an energetic gymnastics. The purpose is to destroy fat accumulations, enhance venous and lymph circulation, improve skin metabolism, and attain revitalized connective tissue without the unpleasant “orange peel” appearance.
Endermologie system produces a measurable difference in the outer proportions irrespective of the changes in weight within the same time range. The combination of various techniques, inclusive of Endermologie, helps to shorten the recovery period after liposuction and allows for better predictable results.
The new technological device that uses Endermologie is Cellu M6 Keymodule I. It is successfully applied for:

– Cellulite;
– Silhouetting;
– Loose skin;
– Skin recovery following a pregnancy;
– Swollen feet;
– Anti-aging;
– Lymphedema;
– Constipation;
– Localized fats;
– Venous insufficiency;
– Scars;
– Burns;
– In sports medicine;

Cellulite is a large scale problem and although scientists have continuously performed serious studies to end into the creation of new technologies, LPG has remained a worldwide approved mechanical technique because it:

– Maintains the quality of life;
– Trains and revitalizes the skin;
– Removes toxins;
– Enriches with oxygen and excites tissues;
– Stimulates cell metabolism;
– Mobilizes and smoothes the ”connective gel” to fight the „orange peel” appearance of the skin;
– Enhances blood flow;
– Stimulates the venous system and lymphatic system;
– Successfully exfoliates, and
– Makes you feel peaceful, comfortable and relaxed;

Treatment for sagging facial skin
LPG plays a particular role in anti-aging skin care since all layers of the skin are exposed to a true gymnastics, thus stimulating the connective tissue cells to produce nourishing collagen and have your skin look younger, toned, and revitalized.

LPG for pregnant women and revitalization after birth
Endermologie LPG equipment helps new mothers regain the figure they had before childbirth by stimulating proper toxin elimination by the tissues, enhancing the circulation of blood and reducing the cellulite that has grown more intense during pregnancy. Due to its tightening effect the particular loose areas regain their forms.

LPG treatment before/after muscle loading
LPG Endermologie is able to stir up muscles in depth by means of an extremely high physical exertion.

LPG is successfully applied in case of:

– Pains appearing a few days after physical exertion;
– Contractions after sports;
– Muscle preparation before physical exertion;
– Athlete’s recovery;
– Injures, stretched muscles and strained tendons.


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