Apollo radio frequency

Radio frequency /RF/ has been used in medicine for over thirty years. In the context of medical and esthetic procedure RF means the flow of electrical current through the skin by means of special electrodes. RF flow is obtained from charged particles that move in a closed circle, as a result of which the energy meets the tissue resistance and produces heat. In this way, each skin layer heats up, and particularly the collagen fibers and the connective tissue, followed by processes which:

  • Tighten skin and reduce the signs of aging;
  • Reduce excess fat, and sculpture body;

Apollo TriPollar combines the best medical technologies in the world. It is third generation RF technology with three and six electrodes configuration (mono and bipolar on the market so far, with their advantages and shortcomings/.
Apollo TriPollar was first presented in Europe on 1 July 2008 in London. Apollo TriPollar is a medical apparatus that is comfortable both for the operator and the client, has a modern technology and elegant design. With Apollo TriPollar we can offer our clients the most contemporary procedures:

  • Body sculpting and facial contouring;
  • Skin tightening and fine lines and wrinkles reduction;
  • Improvement of neck and hand skin structure;
  • Cellulite reduction;
  • Reduction of local fat accumulations;
  • Measurements decrease;

Apollo TriPollar advantages:

– TriPollar RF flow is limited only to the treatment area /the mono polar flows through the entire body, while the bipolar has only a skin-deep effect/;
– TriPollar heats both the superficial and the deepest skin layer, thus treating the problem in depth;
– There is no need to cool the skin due to the strong energy concentration and use of glycerin;
– Less procedures than other similar technologies;
– TriPollar RF flow is focused, and thus leads to immediate results. Treatment is painless because of the low power needed;

apollo tripollar radio frequencyWhen applying the TriPollar energy, the greater fat resistance leads to a quicker and greater heating effect in the fat layer as compared to the dermal layer. The selective fat cells heating accelerates metabolism, and causes fat cells to shrink through the release of liquid fats (fatty acids) into the surrounding extracellular area which is disposed of via the blood and lymph system. The TriPollar procedures for fat accumulations and body sculpturing are truly effective, the result being reduced fat cells and cellulite, regenerated collagen and tightened skin.
The connective tissue of skin and hypoderm contains fibroblasts that maintain skin structure by continuously producing new collagen and other structural proteins. The number of fibroblasts gets lower with age, so does their metabolism. Through TriPollar energy these structure heat up, skin tightens, the existing collagen fibers bind, rearrange and approximate the kind of a young skin structure. Heating accelerates their metabolism, and they start producing more and more new collagen molecules.
Procedure is pleasant and painless. A slight heating of skin is felt, while throughout the procedure the skin temperature increase is seen to be within the normal limits.

Apollo TriPollar is a medical system, and the procedure is administered by a doctor, its duration depending on the specific area of the body that is treated.

The number of procedures ranges between 6 and 8, the interval between them being a week, while the supporting procedures are conducted each 5-8 week.

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