Remodelling a face, smoothing out some wrinkles and imperfections, restoring the skin’s hydration, tone and firmness and giving the complexion its bloom, are constantly renewed desires for men and women who find it important to preserve the capital of their beauty.
Stylage product range is based on hyaluronic acid to ensure immediate, reliable and natural results.
The various Stylage versions – S, M, L, XL, allow remodeling of glabellar lines, crow’s feet, the wrinkles between the nose and mouth, the upper lip, lines of grief, lip contour, lips volume, cheekbones and cheeks.
Stylage is a unique product with excellent bio-compatibility. This is the first intradermal, antioxidant, remodeling gel based on hyaluronic acid. The presence of antioxidants allows for reducing the intensity of the post-injection inflammatory reactions.
Based on a modern manufacturing procedure, Stylage is a new filling gel containing reticulated hyaluronic acid. This technology allows for a longer product effect, and guarantees even presence of the gel in the skin tissue.

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