Oxygen therapy

All living organisms need oxygen to survive, and this is an incontestable truth especially for the people who care for their health and beauty. People living in towns and cities, and working in closed air-conditioned offices, lack oxygen and prefer to spend their free time out walking. Having taken on less work, everyone can easily notice the difference both in his/her general condition and in his/her skin – skin tone improves, and skin becomes smooth and glowing. This is a result of oxygen impact on our organism.
кислородни терапииLet us go back to the largest organ of the human body, our skin. Oxygen penetrates through the outermost layer of the epidermis, stratum corneum, but if there is an excessive concentration of dead cells the deeper layers remain “hungry” and the processes of cell regeneration is delayed. So that this method could become effective physiologists and physicians have jointly developed a method called oxygen mesotherapy. The device is a pressure pistol, which get effective substances into the deep layers of the skin through oxygen stream /97-98%/. Tissues become saturated with oxygen and accelerate and regulate the vital skin functions. It has also been determined that during the procedure oxygen not only penetrates through all layers of the skin but also functions as a conductor of the low molecular substances in cosmetics /if used during the procedure/. By analogy with the classical mesotherapy, the cosmetic product concentrates in depth by forming a depot which gradually divides itself equally and nourishes the skin.
Oxygen therapy has almost no contraindications, and is beneficial and healthy for everyone. The effect is pronounced and long-lasting; it stimulates blood microcirculation, improves the face skin tone, regenerates the damaged skin cells, strengthens the skin antibacterial protection /that is why it is recommended to people suffering from acne/,   and has a general strengthening effect on the organism.

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