Fillers – Hyaluronic Fillers Injection

………Aging is inevitable – sun, living in stress, ecological processes, the implacable march of time, all of them little by little change the face appearance – the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, nose and forehead, loss of skin tightness, worn out skin look. Modern science has created patented products for a long-lasting correction over time, the so called dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid.
………Hyaluronic acid is polysaccharide that is naturally found in the human body. It is a natural skin moisturizer. It is the hyaluronic acid effect of increasing volume and hydration that is used in the creation of dermal fillers. They are considered “the ideal fillers” due to the comparative safety of the hyaluronic acid whose composition is the same in all organisms, (it is not allergen) and its use minimize the side effects.

Why choose hyaluronic acid fillers?

  • botulinum toxinBecause there are no or minimum side effects;
  • Their use does not lead to the formation of inferior tissue;
  • The changing fashion tendencies in esthetic corrections cannot be followed if permanent fillers are injected;
  • The changes that occur with aging require that injecting produce adequate corrections;
  • Due to the reactions among the various permanent fillers and the hyaluronic acid they cannot be combined, i.e. on the place of injected permanent filler not correction could be made with hyaluronic acid;

………The products containing hyaluronic acid function quickly and effectively. After the procedure which lasts 15 to 30 minutes the clients can notice immediate visible results and after a short recovery period, they can go back to their usual way of life. After the injection a slight redness, swelling or bruising may occur, but they will go away spontaneously in a few days.
………Body has its own system for hyaluronic acid decomposition, and that is why its effect fades away over time. The average life of the fillers is 6 to 12 months. But yet, it depends on many factors, such as the skin structure, way of life, the degree of perfection the client seeks, and injection technique. Clinical experience shows that the subsequent procedures and corrections prolong the duration of the filler’s presence.
………If you are interested and are willing to learn more about hyaluronic fillers and whether they are suitable for you, the Clinic team and Dr. Ilieva are expecting you at their office.

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