You will enjoy a true refinement with the remarkable face and body skincare products of the French cosmetics Ingrid Millet.
You will enjoy the wealth of the sea, such as oligoelements, amino acids, mineral salts, iodine, and plankton, to revitalize and have your face glowing with youthful radiance.
Precisely dosed and used in each formula these ingredients will do wonders to your skin by making it reconstructed and infiltrated with water.


SOURSE PURE – sweet-scented freshness and balanced skincare with essential oils for combination skin with seborrheic tendency

PERLE DE CAVIAR – hydration and smoothing in dry, sensitive and reactive skin

PERLE DE CAVIAR – revitalizing procedure with sculpting effect for devitalized, dull or wrinkled skin.

AROMAFRESHNESS – refreshment and oxygenizing aroma procedure

DUO MASK BIOMARINE – moisturizing, revitalizing procedure for all skin types

MASK KOLLAGEN CAVIAR – makes the devitalized, loose and dull skin soft, tight and rejuvenated

MASK KOLLAGEN CAVIAR EYES – eye tightening and lifting procedure

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