Ial System

IAL-SYSTEM of Fidia Farmaceutica SpA is a natural bio-interactive hyaluronic acid. This product provides optimal conditions for the cells to feel and function normally. In subcutaneous implanting Ial-System restores the deficit of hyaluronic acid and the water balance of the dermis, creates optimal conditions for cell division and differentiation, normalizes the cell metabolism, and stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin and hyaluronic acid.
IAL-SYSTEM program is called”golden standard” for biorevitalization because its use allows for correcting lines and wrinkles, improving the turgor and skin elasticity, restoring the cells activity, improving the microcirculation, and accelerating the anti-oxidant protection so that the skin aging prognosis could be significantly changed.
The optimal version is to have three procedures at intervals of three weeks, and maintenance procedures each two or three months. The procedure is always administered by a physician, and includes product implantation by means of a great number of microinjections at a particular skin depth.

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